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We all (more or less) see what’s going on in the world of cloud computing, but are you really aware of what it means for your company/business as a Cisco Partner? Do you consider “Going to the cloud” as an opportunity or as a threat? Cisco is moving towards (inter)cloud very fast and a new cloud portfolio is launched nearly every month. New Cisco partners (“born in the cloud”)are entering the Cisco Partner Ecosystem and challenging  the more traditional partners. How can you keep up with Cisco, stay competitive and relevant? That’s the big question!


Disrupt or be disrupted

John Chambers (Cisco’s CEO) stated, in his keynote speech at Cisco Live in San Diego, that 40% of the current Cisco partners will become less relevant or will no longer exist within a few years!! The main reason for this is Cisco Partners doing the right thing (traditional business) too long and not transforming their businesses. Chambers’ statement (along with other opinion leaders) is: “Disrupt or be disrupted

Disruption-aheadBut what does that mean “Disrupt” and what actions should you take to prevent your company from  not being disrupted? The core idea of “Disrupt or be disrupted” is that every sector and industry that avoids being disrupted just becomes a fatter target for disruption.

The IT market is changing rapidly from project offering towards value added services (cloud & managed services) with subscription/pay-per-use consumption models.


Some actual (end-customer) changes:

  • Shift Capex to Opex based on pay-per-use
  • Shift IT-Complexity from customer to provider(including risk perception)
  • Shift IT budget from IT-management to LOB managers
  • Shift from selling technical features to business outcomes (Value Proposition)
  • Shift in sales cycle from face-to-face to on-line

These changes (a few examples) are here and present and you have to adapt to these changes, but how?


Some questions that may arise:

  • What should your Cloud (and managed services) strategy be?
  • Are you going to be a cloud builder, cloud provider, cloud reseller or cloud aggregator?
  • Which Cisco Powered Cloud and Managed Services do you want to add to your portfolio
  • How do you become (or stay) compliant with Cisco (CMSP) requirements?
  • How are you supposed to differentiate your cloud offering while the success of cloud and managed services is all about standardization and scalability?
  • How should you organize your company and what kind of (new) skills do you need?

A lot of questions need to be answered, right? 


Partner benefits:

The Cisco HybridIT Practice Builder Program has been developed by Cisco and Conceptsales to help the management of Cisco partners to give direction to these strategic issues. The approach is very pragmatic and based on best
practices. Because the program is 1:1 your specific challenges and/or issues will be discussed and solved.

After the program you will have a good understanding of what has to be done to transform your business, make your organization ready for the (Cloud) future and build the foundation for future success!! As a result you will belong to the 60% of Cisco partners that will survive!


This is what people say about the program:

Cisco Partner: “We had a very good training with good feedback from the participants. The business workshop gave us a full overview over the issues to be solved and a prioritized list of to-dos in order to be successful”
Cisco Executive: “I have seen tremendous value provided to cloud partners with the Conceptsales Hybrid IT Practice Builder workshops.  It provides an opportunity for our partners to work with respected and objective cloud consultants who share best practices around defining value propositions, organizational structure, market segmentation while evaluating the partners’ cloud strategy, and challenging them to think innovatively.”


Cisco Partner: “Your (Conceptsales’) advice and clarification really helped us to optimize our overall strategy, to improve our organizational structure and develop a clear Cloud proposition.”


Cisco Executive: “The Hybrid IT Practice Builder has become one of the most successful assets within Cisco to help our partners to implement and accelerate their current and/or new Cisco Powered offers into the market. The mix of high consultancy support with real hands-on practice makes this framework unbeatable and a must-do for companies looking to build or accelerate their current (Cisco Powered) Cloud offers”


All Cisco partners (without exception) who attended the program, considered it an eye opener;

a wake-up call after gaining insight into all the consequences, challenges, pain points and strategic decisions which come with the business transformation process. Are you willing to take the consequences? There’s no time to lose and you should act now!

Check www.hybriditpracticebuilder.com and consult your Cisco PAM to check funding possibilities.

Rob Wennekendonk

Auteur: Rob Wennekendonk